ULV Fogging Service







Fogging uses a fine antibacterial mist to kill micro-organisms and generates micro-particles of disinfectants


Medical Hygiene rated

Bacterial, Fungicidal, Viricidal, Sporicidal disinfectant for disease control


Kill rate 99.999% at a 5 minute contact time

Passes BS EN 13704:2002

Passes BS EN 1276

Minimal disruption


Treatment of large areas quickly and efficiently

Significantly reduces pathogens compared to manual cleaning

Droplets settle underneath, on top and sides of inaccessible objects

Can be used in any building or vehicle and on any surfaces in such places as;


Medical Practices




Schools / Nurseries / Creche



Leisure Centres



Care Homes / Residential

Hairdressers / Barbers

Domestic Dwellings

Kendall Hygiene Management are pleased to be able to offer the most comprehensive Coronavirus RTW programme currently available.

We will arrange to survey your premises free of charge on a no obligation basis. Then we will visit your premises out of hours and conduct our programme of sanitisation, disinfecting virus killing leaving you safe and ready for your staff to return to their duties.


We are proud to announce that we provide this service to the National Heath Service (NHS)

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